Uniform Dressing Works, Here’s Why

With the idea of minimalism sweeping the globe and gaining serious popularity over the last several years, many people have become minimalist dressers as well. Anyone with a passion for fashion may feel like there is no way they could pare down their maximalist wardrobes in favor of something much, much more straightforward. However, not only is it possible, but it makes your life incredibly easy. Let’s take a look at why uniform dressing works and may be worth a shot, no matter how committed you are to looking fabulous. 

Reduces Decision Fatigue 

Decision fatigue is real – and living in today’s world, we all feel it. Whether you’re a parent who works, a parent who stays at home, a single person working from home, it doesn’t matter – we have so many decisions to make during the day. One of the first decisions we have to make not long after choosing coffee with or without cream that morning is what we will wear every day. When you’re working with a capsule wardrobe or uniform dressing, there are fewer choices to make. You know what you look and feel your best in, so if your closet is only full of those choices, it makes easy work of deciding what to wear each day. 

Quality Over Quantity

We have all heard the phrase “quality over quantity,” and with good reason. Why have four pairs of fifty-dollar shoes that don’t look amazing on or are comfortable when you can instead invest in a pair of Doc Martens shoes that you’ll reach for every day? The same can be said for cheap watches versus high-end, designer sunglasses versus twenty-dollar pairs. While the debate over the actual cost of fast fashion rages on, remember that when you invest in quality pieces for your wardrobe, you’re supporting artistry, quality, and humane work environments. So, when you’re consuming less because you rock a uniform wardrobe, you’re more apt to choose quality every time. 

Financial Freedom 

Sure, you may spend more on items when you’re approaching it from a quality over quantity perspective, but the more quality the thing, the less likely the need to replace it. Add to that the fact that you do not impulse buy items you’ll never wear and will pile up in the back of your closet, and you’re set up to save a ton of money by implementing uniform dressing. With financial freedom comes peace of mind that, unfortunately, not many people are fortunate enough to have. But, if you can be honest with yourself about your spending and choose to purchase only the items you truly love, you’ll be setting yourself up to gain that freedom a lot sooner than if you don’t. 

Time Better Spent 

Time is precious, and life is short – these adages exist because they are true. When you adopt uniform dressing, you have more time to focus on the things that truly matter. More time to spend with friends and loved ones to create lifelong memories. More time to spend on hobbies that seem to fall by the wayside. More time to focus on your health, both mentally and physically. Time is on your side when you’re not spending it shopping for clothes, laundering your clothes, or deciding what to wear every day. Just like other aspects of minimalism impact your quality of time, so does a capsule wardrobe. 

It Helps Others, Too!

When you have a signature look – whether it’s a black tee and jeans like Michael Kors or all white everything like so many people these days, it’s easy for others to shop for you. Sure, the holidays may be behind us, but there are plenty of other occasions to shop for people, and you can save those in your life some time and energy by letting them know what you love – simply through the way you dress. 

There are, of course, many other benefits of uniform dressing that you’ll learn along the way if you decide to give it a try – and hopefully, the reasons as outlined above are a motivation for you to do just that – at least try. We’re all looking for a little more peace in our lives these days, so why not try generating it at home, starting with our closets. 

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