The Sartorial Minimalist

Minimalism has attracted millions of people over the last several years as an attractive way of living life. Not only does it have benefits to you financially, promote sustainability for the planet and has been touted to improve your mental health – it also makes getting dressed a breeze. Think about it – if you have a minimalist, capsule, or uniform wardrobe, you don’t have to think hard at all about what you’re going to wear that day. But what if you’re a dapper, sartorial individual? Do you care deeply about the current and classic trends and always put your chicest foot forward when you walk out the door? Well, never fear; you can stay stylish while living as a minimalist, and here’s how.

When you’re looking for a clutter-free but stylish wardrobe, you want to pay attention to the pieces you choose to purchase and pick them wisely. Say you’re shopping for a new watch. You may want to consider investing in a quality timepiece like one of the many options of designer watches for women instead of a less expensive one you see in a big-box retailer. Not only will you value the watch more (as it was an investment), but you’ll wear it more for the same reason. Not only that, when we choose quality over quantity, the quality pieces tend to outlast their cheaper counterparts. So, your new $1000 watch that lasts a lifetime just became less expensive than the ten $100 watches that break after just a couple of years of use. 

Apply this way of thinking when it comes to your entire closet. Invest in higher quality pieces of clothing; items that you can wear year-round are even better. Shoes and handbags are other areas where you should invest. You use these things every day, so they need to withstand the test of time; luxury items tend to do that. If you decide to go with a “fast fashion” purchase, make sure it’s something you genuinely love and feel confident in. Then wear it ’til the wheels fall off!

While trends come and go (and we love them all), if you find that your style is already considered “timeless,” run with it! When you’re shopping for and curating your wardrobe, pick pieces that will never go out of style. Things like straight leg jeans, the perfect white t-shirt, a navy blazer, fine jewelry. These are things that, no matter what stage of life you’re in or what event you’re attending, are going to look great on you and you’ll feel confident in, no matter your body type. 

Speaking of body types, every single body type is beautiful. Unfortunately, sometimes we still feel like certain styles limit us. That’s why it’s essential to find a sewist or tailor you trust and form a relationship with them. If you truly love a piece and want to add it to your wardrobe, buy it! Then visit your tailor and have them alter the areas that need adjusting to your physique. Not only will you love the piece as you’ve invested even more money in it by tailoring it, but you’re also going to get miles of use out of it since it fits you like a million bucks! Positive purchase, indeed.

You may hear that all minimalists talk about “stuff” way too much. So, don’t overthink things when it comes to how many items you have in your closet, dresser, or accessories drawer. The point is – do the pieces add value to your life? Are you wearing them consistently? Do they make you feel confident? If you answer yes to these questions, that’s all you need to know. Minimalism isn’t a one size fits all lifestyle, so don’t get caught up in the numbers game and feel like you need to declutter everything. You don’t want to regret getting rid of that vintage YSL scarf just because you hadn’t worn it in a while. If it brings a smile to your face when you see it, keep it. 

When you find yourself downsizing things that don’t flatter your body type, you don’t wear anymore or never wore in the first place, see if you can make some extra money off them. There are plenty of apps to sell your pre-loved or NWT clothing and accessories. Give them new life to someone that will genuinely love and wear them. But, it’s worth it to try to sell some of your items as a side hustle or donate them to local shelters and donation centers. Your good deeds never go unnoticed. 

In the end, minimalist dressing isn’t for everyone. A lot of us into fashion find our closets more maximalist than minimal, and that is okay. But, if you’ve come to a crossroads where you’re looking for more free space in your home, or you want to make a more conscious and sustainable approach to your shopping habits, hopefully, this list will give you some inspiration. Stay stylish, everyone!

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