Five Essential Women’s Shoes for Every Occasion

It’s no secret that many women seriously love shoes. This affection doesn’t just come from style but also function. And no doubt, there are a pair of shoes for every occasion. Not only can women change their style with their shoes, but they can also protect their feet, elevate their height, and accent their outfits. When it comes to being dapper, the function should not be overlooked. When someone dresses with both utility and style, it’s the best of both worlds. Here are five types of women’s shoes for every occasion.


For casual occasions, walks in the park, and any other situation where you want to be able to slip off your shoes at a moment’s notice, slip-ons are a great option. Espadrille flats, for example, are a great option for a casual and stylish pair of shoes. These slip-ons are versatile and dynamic. They are great for going over to a friend’s house, especially when they want you to take off your shoes. Plus, they are perfect for slipping off to put your feet in the sand. Whatever the activity, slip-ons and flats are great footwear options for women who are on the go or at home.


Heels aren’t necessarily always practical, but they are perfect when you want to elevate your outfit. Not only are heels some of the finest female shoes out there, but they can also elevate your height along with your style. When there is a fancy dinner, meeting, convention, or a Broadway show, plenty of women want to wear high heels. It isn’t difficult to find high-quality heels, but you should also put in the effort to ensure that the heels are comfortable enough. Everyone knows how horribly uncomfortable heels can be, but does it have to be that way? Heels can be the best of both worlds—stylish and elegant, while also avoiding the discomfort that comes along with them.


When you are headed to the Florida Keys or another beach destination, sandals are the perfect piece of footwear. Dressing for the occasion also means dressing down, but you don’t have to substitute for bad footwear. There are plenty of different types of sandals to choose from. Whether you’re at the beach or the pool, sandals come in handy. They’re also great to give your feet a break from heels or other uncomfortable shoes when you’re at home. Sandals are a necessary piece of footwear for all kinds of reasons. What’s yours?

Running Shoes

When you are running or exercising in another way, you need the proper support — not just for your feet, but also for your back. Running shoes are imperative to provide the cushioning, support, and comfort you need while you’re working out. Running shoes don’t have to be ugly, either. They can easily be both stylish and functional. With workout clothes becoming a style in Los Angeles and beyond, designers have begun putting a lot of effort into these shoes. They may be expensive, but they’re more than worth it. When you are supported, your feet can breathe while you’re exercising, you’ll look good while you’re at it, and you will be happy you invested in yourself with a nice pair of running shoes.

Outdoor/Travel Shoes

Lastly, whether you’re really into the outdoors or not, having a good pair of hiking shoes, boots, or a pair of travel shoes will make all the difference. In these situations, your feet need to be cared for. You won’t regret spending a little extra on a great pair of hiking or travel shoes when you’re free of blisters or sores. For those who don’t like hiking or traveling, this is even more of a reason to buy yourself a pair of shoes for the occasion. Protect your feet and look good while you do!

There is no end to women’s shoes, but when you think of footwear as both a source of style and utility, you can better focus on what you need and how you want to look. There is a pair of shoes for every occasion, but you don’t need to compromise on style or function. You can have the best of both worlds. So next time you are partaking in a particular activity, be sure to ask yourself first: “What kind of shoes do I need for this?”

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