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nd (4)American Apparel V-Neck Shirt | H&M Linen Blend Pants | Chaco Sandal

Summer time is here and that means it’s Chaco season for this guy! These sandals are so comfortable, they are easy to slip on and off. They also go perfect with anything besides a formal outfit. On casual days like this I love wearing my H&M linen blend pants, a v-neck shirt, simple denim shirt to layer and Chacos. A lot of guys don’t wear sandals because of their feet! Go get a pedicure and rock some Birkenstocks, Chacos or even Rainbow flip flops, with all this Summer heat you want your feet to breathe and not be trapped in a sweaty shoe. Plus that’s just more sock laundry you have to do! And we all know when we do sock laundry we are going to lose at least one sock out of a pair and that’s just tragic!!

If you know me then you would know I have an obsession with robots! I have two robot necklaces (one is worn in this outfit). My wife has bought me a robot lunch box and robot piggy banks for my loose change. Might I mention I can do a pretty mean robot dance also. People think I’m a robot when I do it too, it just looks that real! This robot necklace I’m wearing is my favorite piece of jewelry I own, it symbolizes so much of my personality. I feel so comfortable in this outfit…… almost feels as if I’m naked with style!
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