Pink and Purple

nd (36)J. Crew Factory Pink & Purple Popover | H&M Linen Blend Pants

My two favorite colors pink and purple have never looked so good together! Thanks to this colorful popover by J. Crew Factory, I got this during a 30% off sale and couldn’t pass it up. It’s bright, Summer ready, and so ME. I wore this with my purple Cole Haan wingtips to bring out more of the purple that was hiding on the shirt! What I like most about this shirt is color blend of purple, pink, teal, and blue. The colors are placed together so well that you visually see each color without one compensating for the other. It’s a perfect color combination of secondary and primary colors that make an amazingly visual pleasing shirt for the fashionable everyday male like my self! My only advice when wearing a loud shirt like this is to keep your bottoms neutral (brownswhites, and grays) if you want to add more color try wearing a colorful pair of shoes, as I have pictured in this post! Happy Thursday stay cool and colorful in this Columbia heat 🙂nd (40)
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