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Have you ever slept so good, that when you wake up you have no earthly conscious of where you are or even who you are?! I have! And it happened this morning. I slept better than my three-year old last night and I have no shame about it! I went to bed pretty late around 12ish, the words “passed out” are an understatement. My wife called me a “cover snatcher” this afternoon but I have no recollection of taking the covers at all last night.

I believe sometimes our bodies just go into shut down mode and refresh like it’s brand new. We often get tied up in the daily grind of life and forget to rest, have a drink, spark a random conversation or just simply sit and think! We all want to be successful and we have to work hard to accomplish that goal. But don’t forget about yourself, your friends or your family during the journey! If you are out grinding right now trying to make your dream come true, keep on pushing but remember to stop and “refresh ya self, before ya wreck ya self!
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