Buying for Her During the Holidays

Despite all good intentions, you find yourself realizing that the holidays are quickly approaching. The sudden realization you have not gotten her anything yet is made worse by the recognition you have no idea what you are supposed to get her. You might consider using the excuse that options were limited given the backlog of ships waiting to unload their freight. But, alas, you know that excuse will not fly. And you know you’re better than that anyway. She deserves more than a quick trip to the drugstore for a last-minute box of chocolate or cheap wine.

While research may show that giving bad gifts could hurt your relationship, women are not as complicated as one might think to shop for this holiday season. Gift ideas can range from the more generic and mundane to the expensive and outrageous. She has likely dropped some hints as to what she might like; listen to those as she will appreciate that you, first off, heard her and secondly, that you got her something she wanted. Don’t get caught up overthinking. The following are some gift ideas she can get excited about getting, and you can feel good giving.

Gifts She’ll Love

Nobody likes cold feet, so slippers are a fun gift option. But not the kind your mom wears. The kind that is so luxuriously soft she may never want to take them off again. Uggs offers fun styles ranging from your usual slip-on style to house shoes to the trendy super fluff slipper. They may be a little pricey, but you can find other soft, sheepskin styles from brands like L.L. Bean, Minnetonka Moccasins, and Overland, to name just a few with a price point for most budgets.

If she is the sort of woman who likes to pamper herself, treat her to a spa day. If that’s too pricey, make her one in the comfort of her own home. Buy some luxurious bath bomb soaks or relaxing bath oils. Package them in a soft, comfortable robe she can wrap herself in after her bath. And for that added touch, include a lavender (or other calming scents) candle. She’s sure to appreciate the time to pamper herself.

There is no woman alive who does not appreciate the support SPANX gives them. It is not hard to find something that will make her smile, from perfectly fitted bras, shapewear, and panties. But, perhaps, a truly unique spin on SPANX product offerings are the faux leather leggings. These are sure to make her smile as she confidently wears them, knowing they flatter her butt while tucking in her tummy. And the compliments will make her beam on the inside and out.

Subscription services that send boxes of goodies out monthly or quarterly are the gift that keeps on giving. Options exist from fitness-related products to cosmetics, clothing, wine, and food. She is sure to love that she has gifts coming all year. Don’t have the box handy to wrap? Buy her something related to what you chose, wrap it in a box, and include a fun note explaining her custom gift is waiting for her to choose. It may not feel as personal, but she is sure to appreciate it.

Crossbody bags are popular alternatives to your everyday purse and come in several sizes and functionality options. These bags are worn over the shoulder and across the body rather than just hanging from the shoulder. Smaller versions are handy for phones and credit cards. More oversized version bags hold more stuff but still provide the added feeling of security by wearing it crossbody.

Others feel and look like a fanny pack (and might even double as one if she’s so inclined).

Making Her Smile Is Success

Hopefully, she’s dropped some hints as to what she might like to get you started on your holiday shopping for her. Where to begin is often the most challenging part. Whether you are looking for items on the internet or are brave enough to face the crowds, living in Los Angeles, New York, Columbus, Miami, or somewhere in between, you will undoubtedly be able to find something to make her smile and feel special. A smile is worth a thousand words of holiday gratitude and cheer.

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