Dress Well Fellas

In today’s society good manners are hard to come by but are still appreciated when received. Being raised in the South, my parents always encouraged me to be chivalrous, respect the elderly and be on my best behavior. There are plenty of ways to show good manners, you can listen, say sir and mam’, being considerate, or hold the door open for people behind you. Sometimes as men we get caught up in life and forget we have to remain “gentlemen like” in most situations. Being a good guy in this day in age is difficult, the old saying “nice guys finish last” is becoming more true by the day. Not finishing first is very discouraging, in fact it makes people feel down and under-appreciated! Dressing well can also be discouraging at times, imagine getting dressed to go a social event where you find someone to chat with then they leave with no intentions of ever talking to you again. That can hurt, being rejected after you’ve done “everything gentlemen like” is confusing and leaves you with a lack on confidence.


You must struggle through that pain, pick yourself back up, keep dressing well and being a gentlemen. Because eventually someone will appreciate your dapper attire and good manners. I know it feels like it’s never going to happen, but it will when you least expect it. Trust me you will be happy the other’s didn’t appreciate you. So in the mean time in-between time, keep dressing well and use those good manners. After all Tom Ford knows best “Dressing Well Is A Form Of Good Manners”

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