Dream Beard


Having a beard has it ups and downs, mostly ups. Beard care is necessary if you want to keep a healthy full beard. Washing, trimming, brushing, and combing all play a HUGE role in maintaining a nice looking lions mane. One thing that most men forget is the moisturizing stage, I have recently realized that lotion won’t do the job, but beard oil will. BEARD OIL?!?!?! Yes, it is magical! It has the word dream in it, so that should say enough. They offer four different scents, I suggest getting the sampler to discover which scent fits you! After trying my sampler I went with the “Lumberjack” scent! I was not disappointed in any way, shape or form. My beard became softer, more manageable, moisturized and best of all smelled GREAT! Don’t believe me?! Try it yourself Dream Beard #yourewelcome

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