Dream Beard


Having a beard has it ups and downs, mostly ups. Beard care is necessary if you want to keep a healthy full beard you can even prepare a DIY Beard Balm at home. Washing, trimming, brushing, and combing all play a HUGE role in maintaining a nice looking lions mane. One thing that most men forget is the moisturizing stage, I have recently realized that lotion won’t do the job, but beard oil will. BEARD OIL?!?!?! Yes, it is magical! It has the word dream in it, so that should say enough. They offer four different scents, I suggest getting the sampler to discover which scent fits you!

After trying my sampler I went with the “Lumberjack” scent! I was not disappointed in any way, shape or form. My beard became softer, more manageable, moisturized and best of all smelled GREAT! Don’t believe me?! Try it yourself Dream Beard #yourewelcome

Powered by RES and featuring Glycolic Acid, this powerful perfecting night cream gently exfoliates, retextures, renews and moisturizes your facial skin. Its one of a kind formula works overtime as you sleep, to help eliminate imperfections and diminishes fine lines leaving your skin visibly more clear and refreshing for the world. It’s a no brainer why celebrity hair and makeup artist use this on their clients such as Jon Hamm from Mad Men! Now who doesn’t want to have skin like that guy! Let’s be real yes we are guys and we try to remain as manly as possible but you know what’s manly? Taking care of yourself! Mind, body and spirit. No one wants a man who is crazy, stinks, has bad skin, dresses poorly and has no self-confidence. It’s guy code to smell nice, look great and feel great! If you follow these simple steps using these products you will feel great about how the world perceives your facial skin. So take my advice and purchase these holy grail grooming products for yourself! You can thank me later but for now you’re welcome fellas!

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