How To Properly Wear A Tie Bar

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A tie bar can play a major role in a man’s look. It is a minimal detail but has such a monumental impact. Many men wonder, how to wear a tie bar?! Well before wearing it you have to purchase one. When deciding on a tie bar there are three things you should take into consideration; the size, style and color. While choosing a size you want to consider what width of tie you usually wear whether it’s skinny, wide or standard. Based on that assessment you want to pick the proper size to fit your tie. The tie bar should never be longer than you tie! You want it to cover about 3/4 of your tie (as pictured above). The next thing you should consider is the style, there are two styles of tie bar a pinch clasp and a slide clasp. What’s the difference?! A pinch clasp actually pinches the tie to your shirt, holding the tie in place securely. The slide clasp easily slides on to your tie but can also fall off or change positions periodically. I have found from owning both styles that the pinch clasp is more functional and does a better job than the slide clasp. The last and most import thing to consider is the color! What color tie bar should you purchase?! There are plenty of options, I suggest getting a color that can go with just about any tie, shirt, and suit you wear (silver or gold). If you want to be adventurous and try a bright color, go for it! It’s all about personal preference. After you have chosen your tie bar the next step is to place it properly. The tie bar should be placed in between the third and fourth button on your shirt right below your chest. So go ahead to The Tie Bar and make a decision!

No matter the color or style just remember to wear it properly with confidence and no one will deny that you’re Notoriously Dapper. Hope this helps fellas!

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    I didn’t know a tie bar could have such a big impact on your look. Thanks for this helpful article!

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    I agree! A tie bar definitely plays a big role in how one can look!

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