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Recently I went on an influencer trip to Columbus, Ohio. At first I was like Columbus?!? What is there besides Ohio State and Urban Meyer. Let me tell you all something, Columbus is the place to be. I was shocked at how diverse, fun and beautiful this city was. I also learned a lot about Columbus as well. Did you all know that Columbus is the 3rd most fashionable/fashion forward city following right behind L.A. (2nd) and NYC (1st). I didn’t and that was SUPER COOL to find out. Express, Victoria Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch all have their home offices in Columbus as well. Walking around on my first day I immediately noticed why it’s the third most fashionable city in America. They have variety of local fashion boutiques that serve the needs of every fashion customer, which is really important because we all don’t have the same style and bodies. Individuality is king in Columbus. 

Aside from the fashion, they have a very keen food scene full of all types of food. The North Market has an array of foods to fit every need for your cravings. They have everything from BBQ to Sushi, Poke to Pizza and more. My favorite place we ate at in Columbus was the service bar! We had tons of vegan options that were seriously out of this world good. Needless to say Columbus is a city I will be visiting again soon.

We participated in a bunch of activities daily. We went zip lining, kayaking, candle making and we even got to make our own dinner the first night. Each dish was paired with a wine that fits/counters the taste buds. Columbus is very family oriented and suitable for the young working adult. The housing is just as beautiful and charming as the people in the city. ANDDDDD did I mention Jeni’s Ice Cream was founded there?!! I went to her original flagship store and had some Frosé! It was a refreshing treat for our semi hot day out on the town. Thank you Experience Columbus and BVK for this amazing trip!! #expcols #ad

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