White On Rice

nd (101)J. Crew Factory Shirt | Levi’s 511 White Jeans | Cole Haan Great Jones Wingtip

Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had a great weekend! My wife has finally arrived back from Detroit and needless to say I missed her terribly. This weekend I was riding solo with my daughter! We had a blast, went to the zoo, out for dinner and shared some laughs! She is such a joy to be around, raising a child is not easy at all. The majority of advice goes out of the window because you have to let your paternal instincts kick in and guide you through the road of parenting. You learn the majority of parenting through trial and error, many people say your first child is the test trial. Meaning the second will be much easier, don’t worry I will let you know if that’s true soon enough!

This outfit screams Summer! Every man should own one pair of white jeans, they go with just about anything. They are a great alternative to blue jeans when the temperature is 95 degrees outside. In Columbia the high can get up to the 100’s! It’s necessary to stay cool and fashionable at the same time. This is when I like to use my rule comfort + style, find a few staple items and alternate them daily. Mix and match these pieces to make your Summer wardrobe useful and worthy. Purchase some short sleeve oxford shirts, one pair of linen or linen blend pants, a pair of white jeans, and two pairs of stylish shorts! You will be comfortable and ready to take on the scorching hot weather. I hope this helps fellas!

Now, What are some of your must-haves for this Summer? Comment below!
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    I’m digging that outfit man! great work on your blog
    The photos look great

    Greets Jon

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