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nd (116)Indochino Navy Essential Suit

Every man needs one well-tailored suit to fit his body type. Too many off the rack suits don’t do a man justice! The shoulders are usually too big, if you’re a muscular guy like myself then you often suffer from the suit jacket fitting everywhere but your chest and arms. It can be a hassle finding a suit to fit your unique body type. We are all human and made beautifully different! That’s why I strongly recommend Indochino custom suiting. You can take your measurements in the comfort of your home, upon completing the measurements you can select through a wide variety of suits, shirts, pants, and blazers to be custom made! I am styling “The Essential Navy Suit“, it is very comfortable and well fitting to my frame. Another perk about Indochino is if you are unsatisfied with the fitting you have two options 1) Send it back to them and they fix the customization for you free of charge or 2) Take it to a local tailor and they will credit you for the amount spent! You can’t beat it! I am just one of thousands of satisfied costumers. Go get a tailored suit made, you will need it for weddings, specials occasions, work, and play! You will not be satisfied until you have one of these show stopping suits in your closet!

If that wasn’t enough convincing fellas, remember that “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.”

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Notoriously Dapper

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    That suit fits you so well!! I love the pop of pink!

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