Viva La Lilac

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Cole Haan Air Colton~Dockers Alpha Khaki~Members Only Jacket~RayBan Wayfarer

Purple is my favorite color, it always has been since I was a child. This shade of purple referred to many as “Lilac”, is a great shade for all skin tones. I know you’re wondering, which came first? The members only jacket or the shoes?

Well two years ago, my wife got me this wonderful lilac member’s only jacket for Christmas! It was one of the best gifts I have received still to this day. It just so happened that the same shade of shoes were released by Cole Haan later that Spring! I bought the shoes because they were a fun color not even knowing or realizing they were the same shade as my jacket. When they arrived at my residence I was looking through my closet  pondering outfits to wear with these unique wingtips. Then I came across my jacket, it hit me “WOW, this would be the bomb dot com!”. Unfortunately at the time it was 90 degrees outside so I was unable to wear this outfit until Fall/Winter season. Needless to say, it’s one of my fun and favorite go to outfits for a casual day out or to work. What do you think? Hit or Miss? Comment below!

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