Mr. Purple Pants

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Merona Gingham Shirt | Gap Lived In Slim Khaki | Cole Haan Lunargrand | Tie and Tie Bar

On my first day to work as an educator, I wore these wonderful purple pants! Being a new teacher, the students obviously didn’t know my name so they called me “Mr. Purple Pants” for the first couple weeks. To me it was a flattering way of saying “Hey! Mr. New Teacher”. Now that I’m pretty well known at the school I get called “Mr. Clean” or “Mr. Swag Man” by some students. It’s lovely to know that my students are intrigued by my fashion sense! They often give me compliments but occasionally some students will ask me “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!”, I just laugh and say “Clothes!”. Being a fashion forward teacher has not only helped me stand out but it has helped me gain respect, attention, and command classroom management. Students see me as approachable and someone they can relate to. The biggest compliment of all is watching them imitate things you wear.

When a student tells me I’m their role model, I know I’m doing something right 🙂 #teacherofforever

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