The Job Interview Style Guide

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been out of work and desperate. It has greatly affected the economy and jobs have become harder to come by. This is why interviews have remained so important. Whether you’re going to an in-person interview or doing the interview over Zoom, it is pivotal to look the part of the position. Depending on the job that you are trying to get, you should dress accordingly. Here are some tips on what to wear during interviews, wherever you are doing them.

You might think you should always wear a tie to an interview, but this is actually flawed thinking. If the job you are applying for doesn’t require a tie, you also want to avoid overdressing. You can even wear a suit coat with matching pants, but without a tie. When the environment is casual, you should dress well but avoid the tie. Ties should be reserved for financial businesses, marketing agencies, and other jobs in corporations. You don’t need to wear a tie to dress nicely. Instead choose a collared shirt, a nice jacket, great shoes, and maybe a fine accessory like a watch. Paying attention to these details will help you dress for the position you want.

It is very important to be mindful of what position you are applying for. When you’re applying for various jobs, you should dress for the job you’re interviewing for. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on Zoom or in-person, you should tailor your clothing to the position. If you’re going for a casual position where the company culture defines who they hire, you should dress in a way that will be enticing to the company. Know your audience. Dress like you already work in the job you are trying to get.

Wearing a nice watch or a pair of glasses during an interview can make all the difference. Making a watch visible can show that you are successful while keeping your outfit low-key. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie but wearing a watch will subconsciously show that you mean business. Watches are just the beginning. You can use other accessories to say something about yourself, your work ethic, and your ability to do the job. Appearance is more crucial than you might think; if you can afford it, spring for teeth whitening and teeth straightening procedures before the interview, too.

If you’re going to an in-person interview for a job, you should wear nice shoes. Employers notice when you make the effort by putting on a nice pair of boots and dress shoes. Whatever the job is, you should wear great shoes. Wear the footwear for the job, but always put effort into this part of your appearance. As they say, “the shoes make the man.”

Beyond the quality of your clothing, shoes, accessories, you should make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed. It doesn’t matter whether you are interviewing in person or on Zoom, seeing to it that your clothing is properly washed, dried, and ironed will make a difference in the way that the employer is seeing you. Beyond your clothing choices, ensure that your clothes are in good shape.

When you understand the employer and what you should choose to wear, you can break out your best clothing for that particular setting and environment. While you don’t have to go above and beyond in the way of a suit and tie, you can wear your nicest button-up shirt, your best jacket, or your finest pair of shoes.

There are many options when it comes to clothing for interviews. While you might be subject to further scrutiny like the top background check services, making a great first impression in the interview is key. Like it or not, the way you are perceived by employers begins with your clothing and continues with your demeanor.

When you make a concerted effort to dress for the part, position, and job, you’ll have a better chance at getting the job you need and deserve. Think about every aspect of your outfit, from your shirt to shoes to accessories. Make strategic choices on what to include and what to leave out. You might not need to wear a suit, but you should choose the right clothes for the job.

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