The Gift Of Scent: Meaningful Fragrances For Your Wife

Part of being a “gentle” man means knowing how to tap into your emotional self and connect with those you love most. Although most men learn as a child that expressing or bonding on an emotional level is a sign of weakness, something about being married disproves that narrative. If you want your relationship to thrive, you must be emotionally open with your partner and find ways to express your feelings. 

If you can’t always find the words to say, let the gift of scent say them for you. You may find this hard to believe, but fragrance is the gift that keeps on giving. The mind and body connection to smell is so powerful that it can affect a person’s mood and trigger memories. Scent is so impactful that it was often gifted to royals among the ancient Egyptians and Romans. Why not use this to your advantage and tell your wife what’s on your mind. 

“I Love You”

Hopefully, you tell your wife you love her each and every day. Yet, there’s nothing wrong with piling on the love with the gift of fragrance. Eternity Eau Fresh by Calvin Klien says it all. It’s a fragrance collection Calvin Klein designed to symbolize his eternal love for his wife. Eternity Eau Fresh is a fruity-floral fragrance that’s soft, subtle, sensual, and feminine. It has pear, black currant, bergamot, peony, rose absolute, jasmine absolute, patchouli Coeur, amber, and sensual skin musk. 

“I See You” 

Sometimes we forget all that the women in our lives do to keep us happy and healthy. They become so wrapped up in caring for us that they can forget their needs and desires. Letting your wife know that you see her for all that she does, is, and will become, can help lift her spirits. 

Burberry Brit for Women can help you get your message across. It’s a fruity-floral fragrance with notes that combine to exude a sweet and earthy perfume. You and your wife will enjoy the scent of almond, pear, lime, peony, candied almond, amber, tonka bean, mahogany, and vanilla. It’s a fragrance that commands attention and lets everyone see your amazing wife and her personality. 

“I Want You”

There’s nothing more meaningful to a woman than knowing that she is desired. While she may be hard on herself about her appearance at times, you know she’s perfect. Why not let her know that by giving her a perfume that makes her feel more sensual and attractive? Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl is a magnetic fragrance that will let her know she’s desired. It comes in a seductive stiletto heel and has notes like sambac jasmine, tuberose crystal, velvet almond, tonka bean, cocoa, and coffee bean. 

“I Empathize With You”

As men, we’ll never know everything that women go through or even how to help them overcome those rough patches. We can let them know that we hear their concerns and empathize with them. Though you may not be able to do much more, the right fragrance can help your wife cope with her emotions. Whether you want to cheer her up or help her relax, there’s a perfume that will do the trick. 

La Femme Prada Water Splash is an excellent option if you’re looking to lift her spirits. It’s energizing, vibrant, and sensual and will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical island. Water Splash is a fragrance she’ll want to add to the rotation to enhance her everyday looks. It has mandarin, mandarin leaf, magnolia, magnolia leaf, lily-of-the-valley, sandalwood, and green notes. 

Sometimes, our wives are our first teachers of emotional expression and its significance to a healthy relationship. Why not let them know how much we appreciate their patience and unconditional love? While saying it is nice, sometimes, the gift of scent is even better. The right fragrance sends a message, lifts her spirits, supports her efforts, and affirms her value in the relationship.

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