Beyond Clothing: Five Style Tips to Elevate Your Everyday Look

As a man, looking our best can sometimes feel like a major challenge. Between knowing how to mix and match fabrics and textures to create a cohesive outfit, to trying to find that perfect fit right off the racks, it can definitely feel like we’ve got our work cut out for us. However, one thing that many of us occasionally overlook is the fact that looking put together isn’t always just about the clothes we wear. It’s also about how we present ourselves to the world, too.

Fortunately, looking like you stepped off the glossy pages of GQ doesn’t have to mean spending an excessive amount of money at your local fashion retailer or sitting in a salon all day, either. Being a handsome and dapper man is all in the details, and there are a few easy things you can do to help make sure you’re putting your best foot (and face) forward when you step out of your house every day. With that in mind, here are five tips to help you look your very best, no matter what you’re wearing!

Pay Attention to Grooming

Many men don’t realize the impact their personal grooming can have on their appearance. A man could be wearing the finest designer suit and shoes, but if he overlooks his grooming, all of his work may wind up being for nothing. If you want to look your best, you really need to focus on your hygiene. That means that you need to be sure to trim any stray hairs on your face (nose, eyebrow, and beard), as well as your nails. Brushing and flossing your teeth also goes a long way. It seems trivial, but it definitely adds up!

Focus on Fit

Again, all of the finest threads in the world can’t make you look your best on their own. A proper fit goes a long way in making sure your outfit is confident, intentional, and sharp. Clothes that are too tight can look painful and constricted, and too loose can be sloppy. Remember, not everything’s going to fit right off the rack, either. When in doubt, size up and take your clothes to a tailor. A custom-fit outfit, designed to fit your body, can seriously take your look to the next level.

Don’t Overlook the Details

I’m sure I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but just in case I haven’t emphasized it strongly enough, I really can’t stress enough the fact that clothes alone just don’t make the man. You also have to think about how they look on your body, too. Just because that suit came from Gucci, if it’s full of wrinkles or has picked up a musty funk from sitting in your closet, you’re simply not going to wow people with it. Paying attention to these little details, and making sure your clothes are fresh and recently pressed before wearing them, can speak volumes about your appearance.

Have a Signature Scent

When a man walks into a room, he wants to make sure he gets seen (in a good way, of course). One way to help make sure people are still talking about how incredible you look, even long after you’ve left the room once more, is by having a signature scent. That lingering fragrance can seriously leave a lasting impression on people, commanding both respect and admiration. Just be sure you choose one that matches your personality, like the bold and zesty scent of Mambo Cologne for men or the woodsy and fresh Versace Man.

Know When to Invest

Finally, it’s also important to know what pieces you need to splurge on and which ones you can trim the budget on a little bit. Certain items can look, well, cheap if you buy the cheaper version of them. Other items, though? Not so much. If you’re looking to follow the “buy it for life” mantra and are willing to invest a little bit more into statement pieces, it’s worth it to shell out on things like jackets, jewelry, and shoes. On the other hand, trendy pieces that may go out of style quickly can be bought at a lower price point.

The reality is, there’s no one “secret” to looking your very best as a man, as it’s a combination of several different small things. If you want to look amazing, well, these small things really do start to add up. And by taking these five tips and keeping them in mind the next time you get dressed in the morning, you can be confident that you’re presenting the very best version of yourself to the world — and you didn’t even have to break the bank or spend a lot of time to do it, either!

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