Sunglass Warehouse X ND

SW_logoRecently I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Sunglass Warehouse for their Spring line. As many of you know this is my first fashion collaboration with a company! I am very new to blogging and still trying to develop a worthy following and establish my name in the fashion blogging world. I’m very excited to work with this company, I went through an outer body experience when I received the email about the collaboration. For this collaboration I will be wearing and exclusive pair of glasses released for their Spring line! Unfortunately, I can’t go into detail about how they look or what style they are! But I can tell you this much, you will not be DISAPPOINTED. In the next few weeks I will be posting these stylish shades for the world to see, so be patient and help me celebrate my first fashion collaboration! Thank you all for supporting a fashionisto from Columbia, SC!

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    I am excited to see the sunglass line. Keep up the good work

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