Guy’s Guide To Face Grooming

nd (185)As men we often have our “go to” face wash and get trapped in it. We don’t branch out and try new face products as much as women do, that’s just our human nature. But I’m here to tell you Clean & Clear, Nivea, Clearasil, Noxzema and etc. have nothing on A Deep Cleansing Scrub! The first time I used it my skin felt refreshed and awoken. Most face washes dry my skin out leaving it feeling cracked and rough, so when I used this I was expecting it to do the same as the others did to my skin. Surprisingly my skin felt smooth, clean and refreshed! I use this product twice a week it helps my skin maintain its natural oils without completely leaving my skin dried out like a prune. If you want your dull fatigued skin to feel refresh with energy and glow then this product is for you fellas. It will provide you with triple cleansing action as the large botanical scrubbing beads, microbeads, and refining granules will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and comfortable! Click here to purchase this game changing face wash!nd (184)After properly cleansing your skin the most important part is moisturizing! For years I have struggled attempting to find the “right” facial moisturizer. I have tried everything from Cocoa Butter to Nivea for men. Either they leave my skin feeling too oily or don’t moisturize it enough. I have also had trouble with a slightly uneven skin tone and a few dark lines underneath my eyes. Many products advertise the promise of evening skin tone and revamping your skin to feel new and while it may work for many people it just won’t cut it for this guy. I recently was introduced to ReVive Skin Care and it is simply the best facial moisturizer I have ever applied to my skin. Yes it is expensive and yes it is worth every living penny you have! I have been using ReVive Moisturizing Renewal Creme and ReVive Moisturizing Eye Creme for about two weeks now. Needless to say not only do I feel but I also see a difference in my skin, its softer, smoother, more even and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated.IMG_8625Powered by RES and featuring Glycolic Acid, this powerful perfecting night cream gently exfoliates, retextures, renews and moisturizes your facial skin. Its one of a kind formula works overtime as you sleep, to help eliminate imperfections and diminishes fine lines leaving your skin visibly more clear and refreshing for the world. It’s a no brainer why celebrity hair and makeup artist use this on their clients such as Jon Hamm from Mad Men! Now who doesn’t want to have skin like that guy! Let’s be real yes we are guys and we try to remain as manly as possible but you know what’s manly? Taking care of yourself! Mind, body and spirit. No one wants a man who is crazy, stinks, has bad skin, dresses poorly and has no self-confidence. It’s guy code to smell nice, look great and feel great! If you follow these simple steps using these products you will feel great about how the world perceives your facial skin. So take my advice and purchase these holy grail grooming products for yourself! You can thank me later but for now you’re welcome fellas!

With Style,

Kelvin of Notoriously Dapper


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    Thank you for sharing. I never would have thought about a gift like this for my sons. The article is great

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    i might try this. thanks for introducing me to this 🙂

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    Revive, A little too pricey for me but I like the products

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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    These sounds like great products for men. I feel it is important for men to take care of their skin also

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    pretty nice!! i love shiseido so i know that any of this products from them must be nice.

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