Silver Linings

I’ve got to shine even when its raining outside. That’s why I wore this silver rain jacket from the Hunter for Target collection. I was so excited when this collection was announced, I have always wanted to own some Hunter gear but didn’t want to pay an arm and leg for it. This collection allowed for people to buy it at an affordable price!

Sometimes in life it rains on us and it sucks. But with out no rain we can enjoy a rainbow, that’s the silver linings of life we all face. We have obstacles, hurdles and circumstances that can prevent us from reaching out full potential. You have to fight through those difficulties and prosper, finding the beneficial aspects of a situation can help you bounce back. Just because it rains doesn’t mean you won’t ever see the sun again. It just means when you see the sun you will appreciate it that much more! Stay positive, love yourself and always be KIND!



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