You’re A Butterfly

The caterpillar to butterfly transformation reminds me a lot of our own personal journey’s as humans. We all have the defining moment that leads us into cocooning into our own butterfly. Everyone’e journey is different from one another’s but they are all just as special. Caterpillar’s don’t compare themselves to other caterpillars they simply live their own life, hoping to live long enough to become a beautiful butterfly.

You see your “cocoon” moment could be moving away, meeting someone new, traveling, starting a new job or simply becoming a parent. For myself my moment was when I had my first daughter! I wanted to provide the best example I could as a father and make her feel as though she can take on the world. A part of me doing this was going after my own dreams. How can I tell someone else to follow their heart and dreams if I can’t do it myself? So, I did. I’m proud of the butterfly I have become. My wings don’t look the same as the rest and they are not supposed to. They are unique to me and my personal journey.

Keep on keeping one y’all!! #WeAreAllButterflies


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    This post is very wonderfull. I love it!

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