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H&M V-Neck ~ Dockers Alpha Khaki ~ Levi’s Jean Jacket ~ Cole Haan Air Colton *Similar*

HAPPY MONDAY! After a nice and what seemed to be a long weekend, it’s back to the grind! Being an Art teacher I’m privileged to dress casual most days! That’s what makes my job so much more relaxing. Don’t get me wrong I love wearing suits and ties but running around the classroom dealing with art supplies all day can be tiring and messy. So I try to prepare myself for that on a daily basis. I love wearing pink, I think it’s a very strong statement for men to wear it. It shows you have character and confidence! I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to wear pink but no clothing company produced pink clothing for boys or men. It wasn’t until high school when I bought my first pink shirt. It was a bright pink Ralph Lauren polo! I wore it on the first day of school my sophomore year like boss. As you can imagine I got all kinds of reactions negative and positive. But thanks to the likes of Kanye West and others eventually the color pink started to become a trend in men’s fashion. Nowadays it’s not unheard of for a guy to wear pink of any shade. Pink has evolved greatly in the last decade. It is a great color and if you don’t want to wear it because of some societal standard then I am here to tell you this “WEAR IT! Society secretly wants to see you wear PINK!” 

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