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Good Dog is this amazing hot dog restaurant located in downtown Chattanooga, TN! My wife and I go there often to visit my in-laws. Needless to say every time we go this guy has to go get some Good Dog! It’s filled with all types of hot dogs any way you want them, they have an extreme variety of hot dog meats ranging from chicken, beef, turkey, and tofu. During my last visit there around Christmas time, I purchased one of their Good Dog t-shirts. I love the dark grey with the green logo, it definitely caught my eye. Fridays for me are more of a casual dress day to get prepared for a weekend of rest and relaxation! I paired this t-shirt with an acid wash denim top I bought from Urban Outfitters, dark blue Hudson Jeans and Cole Haan Lunargrands. Feeling comfortable on Fridays not only makes the day go by faster but it relaxes you and prepares you to deal with just about any bull crap a Friday can throw at you! So cheers to you and I for making it through another week of work, school, or hustling! Enjoy your weekend ladies and gentlemen! #muchlove

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