How to Stay Healthy and Radiant When the Weather Turns Against You

Don’t let the weather dictate your health and beauty. The weather may be a contributing factor to all kinds of things that sap you of energy and wellness, but it doesn’t have the final word. And you don’t have to let it. By now, we all know what too much sun can do to your skin. Yet it can be hard to avoid getting too much sun if you live and work in a sunny, hot, and humid environment. Try working outside anywhere in Arizona and discover how difficult it is to stay safe from the sun. 

Don’t forget about the rain. Environmental pollutants can transform a soothing rain into acid rain. Nothing good for skin comes as a result of mixing a lot of acid with anything. If you find that you are in one of the harsher climates, you can always move. But that is not a good option for most people. As the stormy season intensifies and the effects of climate change get even harder to deny, it is becoming more difficult to take care of your skin and wellbeing. Here are some tips for staying healthy and radiant even when the weather has other plans:

It is time to fight back with vitamin C moisturizer. It is more than lotion that sits on top of your skin for a short time, then vanishes without a trace. The nourishing cofactors of vitamin C work to moisturize and protect your skin from the inside out against UV damage. The damage isn’t just from the heat. It is also from the cold. Frigid air can leave your skin dry and cracked. If you only thought vitamin-rich moisturizer was only for the summer, think again.

Every extreme of weather is bad for your skin. So it is important to keep it vital and moist year round. If you live in one of those places where the sun shines brightly even in freezing weather, you still have to protect yourself against UV rays that cause skin cancer with too much exposure. When the season moves from summer to fall to winter, we tend to let our guard down. Make sure you continue to protect your skin regardless of how low the mercury dips. 

What should you do when your favorite beauty products are discontinued? There are many alternatives from which to choose. However, the best alternative might be to do nothing and give your skin a short break from beauty products. Not all beauty products are damaging, but some do prioritize appearance over skin health. If your skin never gets a break, you could be doing damage to your skin and trading long term health for short-term beauty. 

The first thing you should realize is that beauty does not come from a bottle, or jar, or tube, or spray. It comes from within. Those are more than just words. Trade in your beauty brush for lightweight, low-maintenance health products. When your skin is truly clean, it develops a radiance that cannot be synthesized artificially. The same goes for your hair. Cold weather can wreak havoc on your hair. And harsh haircare products can wreak even more. Take a brief break from bottle beauty and be amazed at what your eye beholds.

Don’t let the cold weather force you inside. That’s what coats are for. Put one on and continue your daily workouts. Some people are able to walk or run even longer in the cold weather because it takes longer for your body to get overheated. The longer you can stay in the internal temperature comfort zone, the longer you can workout. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to stop exercising because the weather outside is cold with a bit of sprinkles. Dress appropriately and you will not have to worry about getting sick. You will stand a greater risk from sickness if you stop working out and develop unhealthy habits for 3 to 6 months out of the year. When the going gets tough, the tough strap on their running shoes and get going.

When it comes to your health and radiance, the weather is neither friend nor foe. It is just one of the factors to manage. Manage it with vitamin C moisturizer, short breaks from beauty products, and the determination to keep working out even when the air turns crisp.

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