First Impressions

Many men feel rusty after being indoors for a long time. Corona forced us to stay at home and avoid social gatherings. As the economy slowly reopens and mass vaccination continues, you’ll be able to go on dates again. You can use the following pointers to start dating again.

Preparing for a first date after a long time can be nerve-wracking. You may be scared and uneasy because you think you’ve forgotten the game. But confidence is your innate trait. It’s what makes you a man. Hence, drink a cup of tulsi tea to calm your nerves. If she already said yes to meeting up with you, that’s your first win. Next, select a place you’re comfortable with. Then, do what you ordinarily do as you wait for the big day.

For the date to be memorable, you have to steer the conversation and take it from transactional to emotional. An example of a transactional conversation is pleasantries. Asking how your date is doing is a great ice breaker. Then, briefly talk about your professions. Ask open-ended questions to maintain the dialogue. Talking about current events such as the presidential election or COVID-19 vaccines can lead to more interesting discussion topics.

To avoid conflicts of interest, keep politics and religious topics minimal. People are affected differently by these topics, and it can be a deal-breaker on the first date.

Being overly rigid can make you seem like a less genuine person. Therefore, talk about something that makes you feel exposed. Don’t share too much because it can scare away your date. Briefly talk about something personal that made you see life in another light. Being vulnerable leads to more emotional conversation and deeper connections. She’ll find it bold and intriguing you can talk about something so personal. If you want to warm up to the intimate try discussing things your passionate about instead. You may not have to share secrets to start a personal connection, instead showing your passions off with excitement can do the trick Whether its talking about rescue animals, living a eco-friendly lifestyle, why you want to be a dad someday, or something more vien like why you love sports is a great way to show your human side and open up about what makes you tick. 

Before going on a first date, trim your beard to look presentable. When styling your hair, don’t use too much gel because your hair will look greasy. Use just enough to make you look like a stud. Avoid being too casual. If you love jeans, wear a blazer on top to look more formal. Another mistake that men make is using too much cologne. Don’t overdo it. If you can, go for a cologne with a subtle smell. Moreover, make sure your breath doesn’t stink. Brush your teeth and use a whitener to make them look amazing.

When your date speaks, shut up and listen. Don’t think about what you’re going to ask them as they speak. Instead, visualize their story in your mind. The images and characters should print themselves in your brain. It should be as if you were there with them as they were experiencing that event. Nod your head and maintain eye contact to show you’re interested. Also, wait until they’re finished to start talking. The first thing that comes out of your mouth should be a summary of what they just told you. It will show them you were paying attention.

To conclude, first dates can be intimidating and scary for men. But you should man up and prepare yourself. Relax and choose a place you’re comfortable with. Dress well and don’t wear too much hair gel or cologne. Shave so that you look well-put-together. Pay attention to your date and lead the conversation. Don’t interrupt them. Go on and enjoy your date.

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