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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dapper guy in your life? While buying things for men, in general, is complicated, if you’re dealing with a man that cares about his looks, the ideas are plentiful. To be honest, any article of clothing, shoes, accessories, or services that enhance his swag is sure to get you some brownie points. Here’s a list of gift ideas to consider. 

Whether he rocks a full beard and mustache or prefers the fresh-face look, every dapper gentleman could use grooming tools. There’s nothing like the feeling a man gets when he steps out of his house feeling fresh and clean. Grooming kits include clippers, razors, combs, brushes, scissors, shaving cream, and aftershave, which is everything he needs to look his best. If your guy prefers to go to the pros, you can always purchase a gift certificate from their barber shop. Barbershop

A man that keeps himself well-groomed also takes care of his hair and skin. While you’ll need to do some research to figure out which brands he uses, he’ll appreciate some quality hair and skin care products. A shampoo and conditioner set, a new comb and brush, facial cleansers, gentle soaps, and moisturizers will ensure he can keep up with his morning routines. 

Smartphones might be the faster option when trying to tell time, but watches are timeless to a dapper man. If you want to add a little flavor to his wardrobe, a new watch is the perfect gift idea. When shopping for timepieces, ensure that you shop according to his style and lifestyle. If he’s a casual dresser and does manual labor for a living, a gold diamond watch will likely collect dust in his closet. For a timeless look, go for these antique wrist watches for sale at Love Antiques.

A sophisticated gentleman likely has a million pairs of stylish shoes he can throw on when he wants to turn heads. So, if you’re going to purchase a pair of shoes, it’s best to keep it casual. A pair of walking shoes for men are ideal for everyday wear as they’re trendy yet comfortable for a man on the go. 

A hat can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. If your dapper gentleman enjoys wearing hats, adding another to his collection is a step in the right direction. Whether he prefers fitted-caps with his favorite sports team or the classic fedora, there are plenty of styles, colors, and patterns to complement his wardrobe. 

Another accessory that makes the perfect gift for a dapper gentleman is a pair of sunglasses. The right frames can take a man’s appearance from basic and boring to attractive and mysterious. As you browse shades for men, pay attention to the frames’ size and shape to select a pair that best suits his face. Also, stick with neutral colors so he can pair them with multiple outfits.

Trendy men have learned how to add their personality to any outfit with a few changes. Take, for instance, printed socks. A cool pattern or color scheme could bring an entire outfit together. From pinstripe socks to complement your suit in the office to cartoon character printed socks to express your inner child while hanging with the guys, there’s a pair of socks that will perfectly suit his lifestyle and personality. The best part is they’re affordable. So, you could grab a few pair to mix and match with his attire.
Whether your dapper gentlemen is a classic dresser that likes to wear suits, ties, sweater vests, high-end shoes, or a casual casanova that prefers wearing jeans, polo shirts, slacks, and button-ups, and loafers, he’ll appreciate the ideas listed above. Start by taking a peek in his closet or asking a few questions to figure out what styles he likes. Then, use the list of gifts for guys to purchase something that enhances their appearance and boosts their confidence.

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