7 Prompts for Groomsmen Gift Ideas

You already nailed the most important things.  You found the partner of your dreams and convinced her to spend the rest of her life with you.  Your friends and family are elated for you both.  You have a venue and your wedding party all lined up.  It’s all coming together.

The point of a wedding is more than just the two of you getting married, it’s also about both of you bringing your pasts, your families, and all that you have been into a joined future.  A huge part of that are the people who’ve been your main supporters throughout.  Chances are, the guys who championed you and your happiness the most are now going to stand up with you on your big day. 

How can you thank them for years of friendship and love, summed up by their show of support as your groomsmen?  Here are some cool thank you gifts that show your gratitude and are sure to light up their faces.


Why not say thank you with style and fashion?  A great gift makes the recipient feel great.  What feels better than looking gooooood?!   

Giving items they can wear again and again with pride is a surefire way to show them you care.  A great looking piece of clothing is sure to have each of your guys posing with enthusiasm for some great Instagram moments at your wedding events.  Imagine a bachelor party with some serious hat game.  Picture a row of smiling men in the most stylish shirts at your rehearsal dinner. 


Giving a practical gift he’ll use often is a way to remind him on a regular basis that you appreciate him.  Every time he picks it up, he’ll remember when, where, and why he got it.  Multi-purpose tools, bottle openers, key chains, high ball glasses, are some useful and classic presents.  You can add your own flair and heart by customizing them with an engraved quote or thought.


Chances are, one of the reasons you love these guys is because you laugh together.  Honor your hilarious shared history with some funny gift ideas.  Fortunately for you, humorous, customized thank you gifts have never been easier to access.  Check out Jibjab’s laugh-out-loud personalized books or design a t-shirt that captures an inside joke you share. 

Dual Purpose

You want your groomsmen to look picture perfect at the big event.  Presenting them with a gift they can wear both to the wedding itself and to other events in the future is a win-win for you and them.  Check out beautiful tie pins, flashy shoes, or an ultra-elegant monogrammed handkerchief.  The idea is to splurge on something luxe to add that extra something to take their formalwear to the next level. They can wear it to the wedding, keep it as a keepsake, then wear it again when they want to dress to impress.


If it’s in your budget, check out a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.  A great watch or striking bracelet are investment pieces that would let the men standing up for you know that your appreciation for them knows no bounds.


Craft beer and liquors are all the rage.  Check out your regional manufacturers and distributors for opportunities to get a locally made beverage.  You might even have custom labels made that make a statement about what they mean to you.  Some brewers and distillers will create a label for you, or you can DIY through your local printer.  It’s a gift you know will get used!


Since your wedding day is all about what you hold dear, make sure your groomsmen feel some of that love.  Consider paying for a real barbershop experience, as in an old-fashioned hot towel shave and scalp massage.  Look into a spa day.  Everyone benefits from a pedicure and a solid back massage.  If you time it right, they can be looking and feeling their best just in time for your ceremony.

The Point

Really, it’s not mandatory to even give your groomsmen a gift.  However, it’s become fairly customary and it’s a gentlemanly thing to do.  They are standing up for you, literally. It matters way less how much you spend and way more how much your gratitude for them shines through.  Focus on showing your appreciation and it will all work out.

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