6 Matching Partner Outfits That Actually Look Good

If you’re old enough to remember, there was a time in the eighties when it was actually considered cool to match outfits with your significant other. While that trend was literally wearing the same outfits, head to toe, times they are a-changin. Today, you can still look incredibly chic while matching with your partner. You still see thematic dressing between partners at events and on runways, but they have the help of professional stylists. While it’s critical to know how to dress for the occasion, you can do that while matching your partner and still looking fierce. Let’s take a look at some matching partner outfits that not only look good but are seriously sartorial.

Denim for Days 

Just like there are sneakerheads out there, there are people who are utterly obsessed with denim. The selvage, the weight of the denim, strictly Korean, you name it. Pairing denim on top of denim is never going out of style. While some people may think they’d never rock this look – they would be remiss not to try it. Whether you wear a chambray button-up with some darker jeans and your partner rocks overalls or a denim skirt and one of their chic blouses – you can take this look in a ton of different directions. 

Fun With Florals 

We all know that men look fabulous in a suitable floral print, so the next time the two of you RSVP to a garden party or any event in the springtime, consider going with florals. There are even floral patterns that work for cooler weather. While you may not be bold enough to wear a floral suit, you can don a floral button-up with some well-fitting chinos. Ladies look amazing in floral dresses in virtually any cut and style. You can add a boutonniere if you’re feeling flashy, and they can incorporate real or faux flowers into their hairstyle or with other accessories. 

Buffalo Check Babies

While the Buffalo Check print is typically seen around the holidays, it can work for any cooler weather months. The iconic red and black square print isn’t the most spring or summery vibe, but if you’re going apple or pumpkin picking and want to make sure you two match perfectly for your orchard selfies, this is an easy go-to. You could wear identical button-ups in this print, or someone could incorporate pieces of it through accessories like scarves and hats. There are even dresses in this print, but they don’t always translate to the most flattering look. Either way, this seasonal icon is a way to look cute in the fall together. 

All Black Everything 

We’ve all heard of the LBD (little black dress), and we know many designers that are always in black – Karl Lagerfield, anyone? But black on black looks phenomenal on everyone. While some people prefer black clothing for its touted slimming effects, the look provides so much more. This look doesn’t take any extra shopping on your or your partner’s end. We all have black jeans and black tops we can pair together. All black everything is also versatile – it can scream rock-n-roll or pure luxury. 

Streetwear Chic 

Streetwear has been around for decades and makes everyone look instantly relaxed while remaining comfortable. After all, if you’re not comfortable in your clothing, you’re not going to be confident either. This is an opportunity to wear the same outfit. Whether you go with Fred Perry, Adidas, or another brand, matching tracksuits are it. Have fun with your shoes, and add a pop of color if you’re feeling too monotonous in your tracksuits. Streetwear is fun and leisurely, which should be what life is all about. 

Complimentary Colors 

Lastly, in the past year, we’ve seen a ton of celebrity couples gracing red carpets in complementary colors. Blush pink, navy, and olive have been the frontrunners for this style. Just complementing one another by wearing outfits in the same hue is a classic and sophisticated way to match together. 

Dressing similarly or in a full-on match with your partner is a fun way to showcase your bond for the rest of the world to see. Even if you’re not headed to an event together but just running errands, you two should give this vibe a try – it may even bring you closer. 

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