5 Reasons It Pays To Invest In Your Wardrobe

While it’s true that beauty, like style, is subjective, there are specific reasons why it will always pay to invest in high-quality pieces when it comes to your wardrobe. It’s worth trying different aesthetics and fits to determine what looks best on you. Curating a signature and timeless style will always pay off. There are many reasons why it pays off to invest in your wardrobe and its pieces. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones. 

Fashion Is Art 

Starting the list with what any sartorialist will agree on – fashion is art. The clothes we dress in every day are our artistic expression about how we feel about ourselves, what we find beautiful in the world and what makes us confident. When you invest in art, you want to pay for the highest quality art you can. Consider designer clothing like blue-chip paintings. You’ll be inspired when you see them in your closet, and they may even inspire emotion in you. They’ll definitely inspire a mood. The way you “paint” yourself through your clothing is priceless.

Heirlooms Still Matter

While minimalism may have been sweeping the globe for the last decade – and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – even the strictest minimalists likely hold on to an item or two that hold significant meaning to them. Investing in pieces like rare gems jewelry, antique watches, and luxury handbags, you create the opportunity for heirloom pieces. Heirlooms don’t have to be passed down to family, they can go to friends and loved ones, and they don’t have to be held onto until they’re items in your will. If you own a piece that someone you love has a particular adoration for, consider gifting it to show them how much you love them. Include a note about how you hope they treasure the item as much as you always have and that they think of you every time they see it. Romantic notions like this never go out of style. 

Confidence Is Key 

You can’t put a price on self-confidence. When we look good, we feel good. After the last couple of years, we all need an emotional or physical boost to feel good. That’s why there’s no time like the present to start investing in our wardrobes. Additionally, if every garment in your wardrobe makes you look and feel fantastic, you’ll never have to spend an hour staring at all your clothing, wondering what to wear. If you only own your favorite pieces, you’ll feel amazing in all of them. 

Saves You Time 

Decision fatigue is real – so investing in your wardrobe immediately saves you time in that regard. What else is real is the need to partake in activities and hobbies that nourish our souls. Investing in clothes that you don’t have to wonder about gives that time to you. As human beings, we also crave and need the connection to one another – saving time means more time you can spend with friends and loved ones. Running to the dry cleaners less, doing less laundry – all of these things add up to more time to do the things you want to do or need to do – like prepare healthy and nourishing meals and exercise more often. Let investing in high quality pay off in more ways than financial for you.

Financial Freedom 

It may sound counterintuitive that spending more money on higher quality items would lead to a place of financial freedom, but the opposite is true. We have all heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” Its popularity exists because the statement is true. When we invest in high-quality pieces, they will potentially last a lifetime with proper care and storage. When something stays, we don’t need to replace it. By resisting the urge to purchase fast-fashion items that will become dated or show wear and tear quickly, you have curated a wardrobe that could last a lifetime. Even if your weight fluctuates, you’re likely to have that item tailored to fit your new body when you’ve invested. 

Adopting a mindset of investment can be a tough transition for some, and many fashion-minded people love the feeling of retail therapy. Instead of getting that fix every week for items you’re not in love with or don’t flatter you, get your fix when your budget allows you to splurge on investment pieces. The wait is worth the reward. Happy Shopping!

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