Worth Trying

Since the 2007 movie, “The Bucket List,” people have been compiling lists of things they hope to do before they die. This idea has played out in a number of TV shows and movies since then. You have possibly made such a list. If so, there is plenty of upside to having done so.

One downside to bucket lists is that there is a focus on death. The clock is counting down and you have to race against an invisible clock to get things done. Another downside is that some things that land on bucket lists are unrealistic. Holding yourself to an unrealistic goal tends to make a person feel like a failure for not completing a desired task.

While it is true that death is at the end of the process, life is the focus. We are here and now. The end of our story has not yet been written. Rather than racing the clock, why not use the clock? Make it an ally. Don’t just make a list; make a plan. If there are some big things you want to do, put them on the calendar and start putting money away to make them happen. Don’t wait till the end is in sight to start crossing things off your list. Here are a few items on the list you should try while you have plenty of life in front of you to enjoy them:

The Apple Watch is the #1 watch brand in the world, and the bestselling watch in the world. It also has the bonus feature of being able to save your life. However, you should not mistake any smartwatch for a truly premium watch.

The good news is you don’t need to get rid of your Apple Watch to add a premium watch to your collection. If you are not quite prepared to go all in on a new watch you can still get a used Rolex for sale. You will see firsthand how a premium watch holds its value. Smartwatches lose value faster than new cars off the lot. A premium brand such as Rolex maintains value forever. It is an excellent investment.

No watch person has only one watch. They have a watch collection. So your starter watch is not the only watch you will have. It is just the beginning of an obsession that can be as elaborate as you like. Don’t wait before you treat yourself to a luxury experience. Start your premium watch collection today.

You have heard rumors of people who get a full night’s sleep without effort. But that has never been your experience. If you want to achieve this elusive full night’s sleep, you might have to try more than over the counter sleep aids. First, you should see your doctor to be sure there is nothing more serious causing your sleeplessness. Beyond that, there is more you can do.

Why not try one of those premium beds that track your sleep and automatically adjust to help you get to sleep and stay that way for more of the night? These beds are expensive. But cost is relative to benefit. And if the benefit is that you sleep better and wake up more ready for the day, you could actually make money by being more productive.

You eat food everyday. But there is a big difference between consuming meat and vegetables, and experiencing luxurious dining. The difference is as stark as putting on a shirt and pants, and wearing a fine suit. One is utilitarian while the other is a luxury experience.

You might think it is impossible to have that experience during the pandemic. But some hotels have found creative ways to safely offer fine dining. Once you have had such an experience, you will want to have it for every special occasion.

Don’t wait till you are close to kicking the bucket before you do the things that can give your life that extra special boost. Try a premium watch and not just an expensive one. Try a great night’s sleep and not just 8-hours downtime. And try a luxurious dining experience and not just food consumption. Treat yourself now, and for the rest of your long and happy life. 

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