5 Tips To Becoming Body Confident


Today I want to share with you 5 tips to start your journey to self love!

Tip 1: Find something you are confident in. For me I have always been confident in my ability to have style. I found a lot of my confidence through clothes and continue to love myself through my own personal style. Wear what makes you comfortable and happy. Remember clothing has sizes but style does not!

Tip 2: Look in the mirror and own who you are. As you can see in the video short above, that is me owning my body in the mirror. Knowing that my body is good enough the way it is. You are 100% original, you can not be duplicated and that’s what makes you beautiful.

Tip 3: Surround yourself with positive people. On this Journey to self love you will have negative moments where you don’t feel 100% confident and that’s okay. We all have good and bad body days but it is important to that positive boost we all need to get out of our funk and move forward in this journey. Positive energy makes this process a lot easier!

Tip 4: Don’t compare yourself to others. As I mentioned in tip 2 we are original, we can’t compare ourselves to other people’s body or lifestyle. Live your best life and do things that make you happy. I often find my self down in dumps comparing myself to others so I have to stop and reevaluate “why am I doing this?” This person isn’t better than me because they have abs or a chiseled chest. I’m just as awesome as anyone else because I’m me and being you is the most pure thing we can be.

Tip 5: Keep moving forward. The road the body confidence is different for everyone the same two people are not going to share the same tale on this path. It may be long, bumpy and full of dark areas and someones else maybe the exact opposite and that’s okay. Just keep loving yourself, wear what makes you feel happy, have positive people in your corner and DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!

Follow these tips and the rest will fall in place! Much love to you all and remember #StyleHasNoSize!

Turtle Neck Strong


I haven’t rocked a turtle neck since grade school! It’s so nostalgic to wear one and feel so comfortable…..next is overalls. I remember as a kid my sister and I had matching red Tommy Hilfiger turtle necks with black denim overalls. That looked so fly to me……a part of me wishes some of the styles from the 90’s would makes a strong comeback. Fashion is forever evolving and eventually overalls will be one the hottest things around again and no will be able to deny such an amazing throwback item. Be sure to shop some of my favorite turtle necks below!! Hope your 2017 is going well so far! 🙂 #TurtleNeck2017


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New York Men’s Fashion Week | 2016

This is a summary of what I experienced in New York for Men’s Fashion Week!! I’m very excited and humbled to have this opportunity. I met some amazing people (including my internet style idols and icons)! I can’t wait for July to do it all over again. I learned so much and can’t wait to put my knowledge into action. Thank you all for following along while I was in NYC!! Much love 🙂

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