What to Pack for a Cruise Trip

Vacation season is coming up and going on a cruise is a great way to take a break from work, reconnect with someone you love, and have a blast while you do it. Cruise ships have everything you need to relax and have a great time. Whether you go for long walks on the deck, take a swim in one of many pools, enjoy a meal, go out for a drink, go see a show, or explore new places when you hit land, there are plenty of options. Packing for a cruise trip involves a few extra things, so here’s what you need the most.

A Raincoat

You are envisioning the sun, but the weather is less predictable than your imagination. A raincoat will keep you dry on rainy days, misty days, and helps you still get out to see things even when the sky isn’t cooperating. Boats usually have ponchos for sale in the shops, but you’ll spend a fortune on items like this, especially if the weather gets bad and everyone wants one.

Sturdy Shoes

This is something that most people forget. They are imagining time on the beach and going to the pool, but forget that they are on a boat, in the water. This can make decks more slippery, so it’s critical to bring a pair of slip-resistant shoes. Your time spent between being in the water and going to your room on the ship needs good shoes. This also helps for those rainy or misty days that leave everything damp.

Clothes for an Evening Out

It is important to always look good. You need something dressy for those elegant evening dinners. While you could be casual, why not put a bit of effort into looking like the handsome man you are. When you dress nice, you tend to walk a little taller, feel better about yourself, and enjoy yourself even more. Being dressed up for a formal or semi-formal dinner isn’t something many do often, so bring one nice outfit. It doesn’t have to be a tuxedo, but a dress shirt, tie, jacket, and tailored pants can go a long way.

Your Swimsuit

Some cruises have great shows, but the cost of being on a boat for a week means that in between all the shows, there is swimming, swimming, and more swimming, so bring your swimsuit. Don’t worry about what you look like, be confident in your own skin, and enjoy your trip. You deserve it. Plus, You’ll have more fun if you can enjoy all the different activities.

Extra Money

The base cost of a cruise includes a lot. But there are plenty more things you can add on while you’re on the boat. Want to go scuba diving? Take a tour on land? Enjoy a premium dinner? All of these cost a little extra. Plus, some ships have casinos which can also be a fun way to spend your time. Bring extra cash with you so that you can have options when they arise.

Your Favorite Toiletries

Much like a hotel, cruise ships offer travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. if you left yours at home. But if you have a favorite that you love to use, it’s vital that you bring it with you. The shops in the ship will have some things, but if you need a special conditioner, hair oil, beard oil, or similar product, you’ll be without it for a whole week if you don’t pack it in your bags.


Do you love taking pictures? While cruise ships offer some formal photo opportunities, you might want to bring something for those excursions and days in the sun. A waterproof camera is especially helpful if you plan to go on water excursions like snorkeling or scuba diving.

Something to Hold Your Room Key

Each passenger on a cruise is given a room key that also serves to help you get back on the ship after you get back from a port. Many people use a lanyard because it’s easy to carry and can go with you everywhere. This is important because while you might love the tropical locations you land on, you’ll be stuck if you don’t have an ID.

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