Whales n’ Dinosaurs

nd (210)J. Crew Shirt & Tie | Gap Lived In Slim Khaki | Cole Haan Lunargrands | Mossimo Socks

Today my wife and I spent the majority of the day at World Market looking around at different wines and other ethic snacks. I love being able to spend time with my wife during the Summer our bond gets a bit stronger when we have an absurd amount of free time together! We can do pretty much anything we want to, which sums up to watching the today show and the world cup together! Next week we are going on vacation to the beach with my parents and we are going to have an awesome 4th of July :). But for now I’m wearing a whale tie and dinosaur socks! Can somebody give me a RAWR?!
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    I love the whales and the T-Rex socks!

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