#WFW x Temperance

nd (202)Hello world!! With father’s day coming up soon…..I want to introduce you to my wonderful bundle of joy Temperance! Three years ago she came into my life and changed it forever. Fatherhood is definitely challenging but it’s also the most rewarding job I have ever had! As a senior in college I got the news from my then girlfriend (now wife) that we were expecting. I was overwhelmed with joy, excitement and nervousness. I began wondering “how am I going to raise a child? I haven’t even graduated from college yet!” My daughter’s due date was January 20, 2011 and my wife graduated from college a month before in December.

I took off the Fall semester and waited tables working many double shifts as my wife went to school pregnant, dealing with her peers possibly judging her pregnancy. When my daughter was born magically on her due date, it became real to me that I now have someone who will need me no matter what! I went back to finish my last semester of school which was student teaching. I student taught all day then went straight to waiting tables to provide for my family.

As money got scarce Michele started working also, she worked three jobs! I worked two, as a long-term sub and a waiter. We worked our asses off while living in a one bed one bath 700 sq ft. cottage. We didn’t have the ideal circumstances by any means but what we did have was love and each other. We have grown together, raised this wonderful three-year old, got teaching jobs, and bought a house! There are no rules nor advice for fatherhood it’s something that you have to let fall into place and learn from trial and error. It’s not easy balancing everything but it is fun being a dad! I love my daughter so much she has forever changed my life and although Michele and I’s situation wasn’t ideal I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It made us the strong couple and parents we are today!

One thing is certain life throws all kinds of curve balls and you will strikeout the majority of the time but eventually you will hit a home run! #fathersday2014nd (200)
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