Uniqlo X Michael Bastian

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~ Elephant Print Uniqlo X Michael Bastian Polo Shirt
~ Dockers Alpha Khaki
~ Cole Haan Lunargrand

Uniqlo has collaborated with New York based fashion designer Michael Bastian! This collection just recently became available online, on April 14th (mark your calendars) they will release another batch of polo’s and shirts from this collection. This collaboration is a dream come true for many, in the past companies like Target and H&M have collaborated with high-end fashion designers. Target teamed up with Missioni which brought huge publicity to the companies clothing line, and the most unforgettable one H&M and Versace teaming up to produce a powerhouse of men’s and women’s clothing! This recent Uniqlo collab is living up to its hype! I personally love all the designs, colors and patterns on the polo shirts. What makes this collaboration much better than the previous two I mentioned is the availability! It’s available for purchase on Uniqlo’s website. The previous high end fashion collaborations sold it in store, so you had to get there early and fight the fashion frenzy crowds which is never fun. This unique collection of polo shirts are perfect for Spring, there have all different styles from staples to fashion forward. I definitely suggest you go and check it out yourself Uniqlo X Michael Bastian.

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