I remember being a trendsetter from when I was in middle school! I took one of my Dad’s shiny night at the Roxbury type of polo and wore it in the 7th grade. EVERYONE wanted the same shirt but it was a Vintage Liz Claiborne shirt and they did not make them anymore. I knew ever since that point that I had to influence to be a trendsetter. I was wearing things at my school wayyyyyy before other guys were.

I would often even get teased for being myself and having my own style. I loved who I was and what I represented which was 100% realness. I have always been an advocate for being the best version of yourself no matter what others may or may not think about you! I say this because I mean it, be you and be confident……be a trendsetter! #ModernGentleman


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    I love this! Bringing out the best version of yourself is the reason why I love fashion. Looking and feeling good makes it that much easier to embrace my flaws and overcome insecurities.

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