The New Face Of Shaving ✨

Since coming to terms with losing my hair in 2013, shaving my head has become almost daily routine for me these past few years. It’s important for me to use the best when shaving, there is a process to it. You have to make sure you shave in the right direction, lather properly and use a great post shave preferably alcohol free. Kroger’s brand Bromley’s For Men has 3 simple steps!

1) Prep the area. Use Bromley’s For Men Exfoliating Wash to get rid of those impurities while also pre-moistening your desired shaving area. Lather it up, sing a song and rinse it off. It comes in a lavender bergamot smell that will do your senses good!! Que the music “I feel good” by James Brown. Hit MEH!

2) Do the thing. Also known as shaving, Bromley’s For Men Velvety Shave Cream also comes in lavender bergamot as well. Apply and let it sit there for 2-3 minutes. This will help the razor glide easily when you start shaving. I the 7 blade razor rightfully called the Smooth Operator! It’s there most popular razor for obvious reasons one being the super smooth glide you get in each stroke. They also offer a 5 blade and 3 blade option to fit every man’s preference on how close you need to get. The razor helps you avoid irritation and razor bumps by providing enough closeness in one single stroke. Also as a little tip for a shaving pro….always make sure you rinse your blades periodically to prevent them from clogging!

3) Soothe your area. Shaving removes a thin layer of you skin which also strips it of some natural protection. Soothe your skin after shaving with Bromley’s For Men Post Shave Balm. Applying this wonderful smelling balm will help replace moisture and soothe your skin. Minimizing discomfort and irritation from shaving! It’s non-greasy and feels so light, it truly refreshes your skin.

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*This is a sponsored post for Kroger’s brand Bromley’s For Men, all statements and opinions are my own.*

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