The Bangs

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BANGS Shoes were inspired after discovering a pair of canvas work shoes while teaching English in China. Spinning off their classic vibe, inspired by the hard-working people who wear them, BANGS Shoes are simple, designed to support you wherever your passion takes you.

These shoes represent everything my story is about, as a kid I was always interested and fascinated by art and fashion. My mother told me I have been doing my laundry since 3rd grade because I didn’t like the way she folded my clothes. As I got older my passion for art increased dramatically, in high school I won multiple awards for my art production. I decided to go to school and major in art education and eventually become an art teacher! I followed my passion and made it come true. Currently I wear many hats…… blogger, father, husband, football coach and art teacher. Each job I have is rewarding in so many ways because I get to help others including my self grow and learn. I’m helping many men with style conundrums, helping my daughter become the independent, intelligent and loving woman she will one day grow to be, providing help and care for my wonderful wife, helping young men in my community at the game of football and last but not least helping others through the gift of artistic expression!

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I can finally say as a teacher that I have impacted and changed lives. It feels good to have that sense of responsibility but it can also be over whelming at times. I love each and every one of my students, even the trouble makers have a place in my heart. Being an educator I am blessed to have the opportunity to affect someones life positivity……….BANGS means help in Mandarin. That’s what it’s all about helping others in this thing we call life! Giving more than you receive and loving one other. I wear my BANGS to teach, coach, blogging and even when I’m hanging with my gorgeous family cause I can never forget to keep helping others and pay forward the things people in my life helped me with!

Your BANGS Shoes purchase helps entrepreneurs both domestically and around the world start new businesses. So join us. Simplify with BANGS. Follow your passion. Help others follow theirs.

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  • Reply Jenn Erin at

    That is so neat! I love how the shoes are meaningful to you!

  • Reply lostlenore1970 at

    I like everything except the pants. Sorry, but having grown up in a small hick town, I’ll never be able to look at camo without thinking of hunting season. You did style it well with the all black, and I like those shoes too. 🙂

  • Reply Richard Hicksr at

    Kind of like these shoes. Would go with about anything

  • Reply Richard Hicks at

    I kind of like the shoes and would go with about anything

  • Reply Mai T. at

    Black and camouflage rarely fit but you made this look easy.

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