Standing Out

I’m outstanding so I stand out. I love that first lyric of Miguels “Luke Skywalker” song, it resonates so well with everything I represent in my daily life. I also am featured in the new DXL “Time To XL” campaign saying the words….I XL (EXCEL) AT STANDING OUT! Standing out is a great thing because you don’t want to be the same as everyone else in your field. Standing out may make you feel a bit like an odd ball but you will get plenty more opportunities being simply who you are! Being you in standing out because let’s face it, there is no one else like you out here in this world. What you have, what you speak and how you carry yourself is 100% unique to who you are. I personally have always believed that and have applied that to my daily life experiences. So continue to be you and stand out from the crowd. You are unique, beautiful and deserve to LOVE YOURSELF!! #StandOutAboveTheCrowd


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