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    I am a wild sock lover from way back! Back then we called colorful socks concert socks. IDK why we called them that but we did. For many years I worked with Hospice. Our uniforms were white nursing shoes , white nursing pants & blue medical scrubs. The only way I could let my own flavor spill out was my polka dot & bow socks. My patients & their families would often comment & say here comes our colorful socked nurse :o)

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    My boyfriend is such a sock lover!

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    Loved the patterns!

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    These are some wild socks. So different. thank you for sharing

  • Reply Eva Mitton-Urban at

    My husband is a creature of habit – doesn’t like to change – standard white/grey socks. Every year – Christmas gifts from family – *white socks* – Even the Santa socks on the fireplace – Gee *white socks*. I think a change is in order – particularly like to Bart Simpson socks….I know our 10 year old would get a kick out of daddy wearing these. Stylin.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

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    You have a lot of fun with your socks & shoes! Love the bright laces, they give a whole new look to a classic shoe choice 🙂

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    I absolutely love these! I can’t think of a more subtle, yet attention-grabbing way to add some style to a look. I love how fun and creative you got with this too. I like the playful mood these seem to have too! Can’t wait to see more of your “sock” style!

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    Love your selection. How fun are these

  • Reply Linda Manns Linneman at

    Socks for all occasions. Thank you for sharing

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    Fun post! Socks can be so fun

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    Got to love these socks. What a wild and fun collection

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    u should do more posts of ur socks and shoes collection i love them all!

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    I love socks! Socks can be so fun!

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    Love the socks!

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    I’m always cols. I wear wool knee socks pretty much year round.

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    Waiting for some new socks to show up on your site. I really enjoyed looking at these

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    I LOVE this post! I like your choices and selections too. You should do this again for fall.

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    LOVE! 🙂 I think this is a fun way to add a bit more of yourself to a look

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    I never thought that wearing colorful socks would be such fun… gotta start collecting now… 🙂

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    makes for a lovely set of photos too 🙂

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