Sometimes you’ve got to REMIND people of who you are! This world can be filled with negativity in so many different ways, and letting people know who you are and what kind of positive impact you stand for can make a difference. I strive to make an impact on this platform for the better. Representation matters so much, seeing public figures that look like you do positive things helps create others to do the same. It’s a cycle of positive energy that this world needs now more than ever!!

I challenge all you social media “influencers” to influence change. Don’t influence people to love products, influence them to love themselves and others. Influence them to chase their dreams and be better partners, parents and people for this world. Don’t get stuck on the material things, like I mentioned in my book. Just because you wear a suit doesn’t make you a gentleman. Having character, love, compassion and kindness makes you a gentleman!

Never forget that 😊❤️ Much love!


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