Shining Star

nd (21)Some Monday’s you wake up and feel eh, it’s the first day of a long work week and you have way too much on your plate. Then there’s Monday’s where you feel like a shining star ready to conquer the world and all of it’s work! Today is that day for me, I’m ready to shine all week long. How do you feel on this Monday? Comment below!

Hope you all have a happy Monday!
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  • Reply Michelle J. at

    That would be a fun tie at a party.

  • Reply Heather S at

    That tie is FAB.

  • Reply Linda Manns Linneman at

    You are definitely a shining star. You are dressed pretty chipper. Love the outfit on you

  • Reply olla at

    totally dapper looking

  • Reply Jenn Erin at

    That tie is amazing!!

  • Reply Lucy at

    What a great tie!

  • Reply fionpu (@fionpu) at

    This tie so unique, wasn’t able to see it at store. But i think it only good for special event or party able to use it.

  • Reply Suzanne C at

    Also loving the tie! Monday was fab for me.

  • Reply Alina at

    Love that tie indeed!

  • Reply Laura Bowman at

    Great tie!

  • Reply Donna Jacoby at

    I love that tie! Thank you for sharing!

  • Reply Tanya at

    Love the shoes!

  • Reply courtney b at

    nice shoes!!! very nice !:) keep up the great work!!!

  • Reply laurie damrose at

    That’s a great tie!Very colorful.

  • Reply Eymi at

    great outfit! so refreshing to see men having fun with clothes and trying different things like u!

  • Reply Lydia B. at

    Such a pretty tie. Can I call it pretty?? (-: Think it TIES the shoes in really well.

  • Reply Diana So at

    Love the shoes! I want a pair now…and the tie looks so much fun!

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