Share and Share Alike?

Finally! That much-needed getaway with your significant other. You can’t wait to dash out of work on Friday and head on that long- awaited vacation. Maybe it’s backpacking in nature or a flight to San Francisco. Either way, you are looking for ways to save space and reduce luggage sizes. It seems impossible to do when you start realizing how many things you really need on a daily basis. Yet, one of the easiest ways to save room in your suitcase is to share items! Items like toiletries are the easiest to share, as many products are gender-neutral. Today, we hope to give you some different toiletries you can share to make packing easier! 

Toothpaste: Toothpaste is an essential item, as you should brush your teeth in the morning and night. You and your partner can easily share toothpaste, instead of doubling the quantity for no reason. Even if your partner uses a toothpaste flavor you’re not crazy about, you can probably survive for a few days. 

Face Cleanser: Per two dermatologists recommendations, you should wash your face twice a day and at least once if necessary. If you’re traveling, even more the reason to wash your face since your skin may be acclimating to a new climate or environment. If your travel involves swimming or physical activity, it is another good reason to keep up on the skin cleansing routine. Cleanser is an excellent toiletry to share. It will save you room, as some cleansers can be bulky in size! 

Deodorant: Not everyone may agree with sharing deodorant with their significant other. Although, it isn’t always the worst case scenario. Many deodorants offer an unscented or neutral scent that doesn’t offend anyone. Besides, if you are applying before you start your day, there should be no problems with sweat getting in the way! 

Vitamins: Daily vitamins are a key part of maintaining your health, especially as you may not get the same nutrients you do when you’re cooking at home. Sharing a multivitamin with your partner is an easy way to bond over your health and wellness while also keeping each other accountable. 

Moisturizer and Sunscreen: Stay protected from the sun, by applying a sunscreen every day. Often, when you are on vacation in a sunny spot, you’ll bring sunscreen everywhere you go– so why not share! If you plan on swimming in the pool, ocean, or taking lots of showers, your skin may dry out more than usual. That’s why we recommend bringing a gentle moisturizer that is separate from an SPF to pair with a skin sensitive soap. You and your significant other can share this after your skin is feeling extra dry from all the fun! 

Shampoo and Conditioner: Okay guys, we know some of you you may be used to your 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but would you be willing to compromise with a significant other who has more refined tastes? Some of us opt for a higher quality brand for their hair– as they often have more of it! For the short time, you can use their shampoo and conditioner to save ideal space. Or, if you are sleeping in a hotel, they often provide small-sized shampoo and conditioner options you can take advantage of. 

Hand Sanitizer: The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over, unfortunately. So, hand sanitizer is a must-have for the both of you. Try keeping one in your purse or backpack where it’s easily accessible to use in situations where you’re touching shared surfaces. They are also a great idea when you don’t have access to a sink or hand-washing station. There are small travel-sized hand sanitizers that make it convenient to stash nearly anywhere you need! 

First Aid Kit and Medicine: Sometimes, that headache just won’t go away– dang it! Having ibuprofen with you will save you from those times you’re in dire need. It’s always a safe choice to keep extra medications and a first aid kit with you when you travel– just in case! Hopefully, your significant other can also patch you up when you’ve gotten hurt too. It’s a win-win for the both of you!

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