Secure The Bag

Aint no dragggggggg, poppas got a brand new bag. I’m loving this Buffalo Jackson waxed canvas and leather book bag. It’s stylish yet has a rugged chic to it, it says I can take you hiking or to a coffee shop to get my taxes done. The Dakota Commuter Vintage Backpack will easily place your head and shoulders above any crowd, causing your fellow commuters to stop and wonder if you just came back from the outdoors or if you were handling some important work business. In other words, the versatility will have them fooled but you are NO fool.

The Dakota Commuter Vintage Backpack comes in a array of colors from khaki, tan, to navy. It’s all about the size of a sturdy brown grocery sack crafted of a beautiful combination of canvas and leather. You can fill this vintage backpack with your laptop or iPad (in the padded compartments), pens, chargers, snacks, books, water bottles or whatever you may need for another day to conquer life, or for a weekend getaway outdoors.

Versatility and functionality are my two top priorities when I’m shopping. I love having things that can help me in my life. Shirts with a chest pocket, jeans with big enough pockets to hold my wallet and other things, stylish shoes actually made for walking and standing. So since I’ve been in the market for a one, I found a good stylish book bag….one that can help me secure the bag.

Secure the bag is a term that is used when you are trying to express your desire to earn money for your work or talent. I will secure the bag for my family anyway I can, I will hustle, work and never give up on my dreams.

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    Great review Kelvin, I enjoyed reading it. I feel like I wanat to buy the bag immediately. Please keep on writing, I’d love to know more. I’ll subscribe. 😉

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