Rustic Rojo


Happy Monday y’all!! The past couple of days have been amazing!! I’ve gotten the support of social media mega star Tess Holliday, as you all know I am an advocate for the big guy in fashion. There hasn’t been much of a push for it until now! I have always spoke up about the fashion ads, clothing and models not catering to the larger man. I think it’s time we see a change! I have gotten an overwhelming amount of support about the diversity in men’s fashion. I hope it continues to grow and with time we will see a change! Thank you to everyone that has supported me and this moment! Now, on to these jeans! I tried them on at a Gap in Florida, I originally tried on a 36 but they were wayyyyy to tight in the thigh. So I asked for a 38 and the lady replies we don’t make 38 in this style. My heart broke, it was then I realized that they didn’t want people who wear a size 38 in those style of pants. So I shopped around online and saw a similar pair on gap’s site in a size 38… I ordered them. They fit well everywhere except the waist. It seems in men’s fashion there’s a misleading size distribution, it’s either too tight every where but fits good in the waist or it fits good everywhere but the waist is way too big!! I know I’m not the only one with this struggle. Any-who, I paired them with this Tailor Vintage linen shirt in rustic red!! Fellas don’t be afraid to wear open toe shoes like birkenstocks…. just go get a pedicure and rock them anyway!!


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