Rake It Up

Believing in yourself can be hard when you have negative vibes around you. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people, people that impact your life positively can help you believe in yourself. Nothing in this life we do can be done alone, we all need help along the way. One of the biggest factors of self love is being around people that show you love. It’s hard to love anyone when you don’t love yourself.

Positivity is so vital, that’s why body positivity means so much to me. It allows us all the opportunity to love ourselves no matter how much the media or society tells us not to. A wise person once said if we all loved ourselves as we are then the beauty and cosmetics industry would be out of business! That’s a true statement, so I say to you be who you are and love who you are not. We are all special…..you just have to believe it ūüôā


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