Pay It Forward

nd (62) Sometimes people who have less in life give more. I’m not a rich man by any means but neither am I poor. While my wife and I were going to my mother’s house the other day there was a man standing in the median with a sign asking for money. He looked hot, miserable, aggravated and sick of the hand that life dealt him. We have all been there before. I remember when I first graduated from college my daughter was 6 months old and I had no career. I went to job interviews and got shot down everywhere I went. I remember thinking to myself “why did I even go to college?” My frustration level was sky-high! I wasn’t going to be able to feed a family being a waiter at Harper’s restaurant. I just needed help, someone to give me a chance and someone finally did……..So as I drive pass this man seeing the visible desperation in his eyes I decided to pull over and give him six dollars. And he said to me “thank you so much sir I am so hungry!” I replied “I bet you’re hot too, go get something to drink!” He laughed and said “will do sir I need some lemonade GOD BLESS YOU!”

And that’s what it’s all about helping people in need! I wouldn’t be who or where I am today if it wasn’t for people reaching out to help me! Take today to count your blessings and spread some love to someone in need! Not everyone needs money some people just need a hug or a high five! Go out and pay it forward! 🙂nd (66)
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