Palmetto Phresh

Alright fellas aside from wearing clothes that are the right color and what not. The most important thing about menswear is the FIT. Being a man of bigger stature people often think that you want to wear bigger clothing. Yes we do, but bigger well FITTING clothing. We don’t want to wear wide leg pants, over sizes shirts and big blazers with like 13 buttons. We want to wear nice, well fitting, slim looking clothing that compliments our various body types. I can personally say with brands like Goodfellow and Co, Bonobos and more. Things are starting to look up for menswear when it comes to sizing.

I have always liked my clothing to fit my body type. I used to get my pants tailored from the knee down to give me a nice taper. It looked clean and very stylish to me. Clothing has sizes but style should not. You can be stylish at any size you just have to know where to shop and what you need to get tailored. If you can find a shirt that fits the exact way you want it, get it in a larger size then get it altered to the way you like. When there’s a will there’s a way fellas.



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