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Story time!! This is my dog Pablo y’all and how we found each other is one of my favorite stories to tell. So, for this Valentines Day I’m going to share it with you y’all! In early Spring of 2018 I was in NYC for a photoshoot with Target (those of you know I’ve been America’s favorite Target model for a long time now) when I got to the hotel my room wasn’t quite ready yet. I decided to walk around, get some coffee and explore some bits of Chelsea, NY I haven’t gotten to see before. While wondering around I stumble upon a pet store…..I think to my self hey might as well waste some time looking at cute animals 🙂

Well little did I know that I would fall in love with this pup at first sight. Everything about his demeanor was all I wanted in a pet. He was chill, calm and loving. While all the other dogs were barking hysterically at me, he was just so peaceful. My wife and kids have been begging me for years at this point for a dog. So……yeah I did the unthinkable!

I decided to add him to our lovely family, got his papers and took him back to the hotel with me. Because I had a shoot the next day the owner of the store told me I could bring him back there later and pick him up on my way to airport when I get ready to leave. I did just that, went to the Target shoot the next day. Then picked him up and Ubered to the airport! He’s been happily here ever since (3 years and counting).

This is very awesome, ironic and full circle that we (Pablo and I) are doing this wholesome partnership with Milk-Bone and Target!! It only seems fitting that we share this stage and tell our mans best friend love story! Make sure you head over to your local Target to get some treats for your precious doggo this Valentines Day. They deserve it!! Milk-Bone carries a variety of treats as well, from chewy ones, special Valentine ones, hard ones, small, large and daily vitamin treats. Needless to say you can definitely find something to show LOVE to your four legged partner in crime 🙂




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